Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monterey Rest Day? Not So Much...

On my third and final rest day, I did nothing of the sort. I started by getting to the Monterey Bay Aquarium when they opened at 9:30. It was a great aquarium! I thing I liked the sardines and the green sea turtles the best. The sardines reminded me of "Finding Nemo". The sea turtles were very cute. The aquarium had just acquired them from Sea World 10 days ago. They would swim up to the glass and just look at me. I must have taken 10 or 15 pictures!
After covering every inch of the aquarium, I headed out on the "17 mile drive". It follows along the coast by all the fancy golf courses like Pebble Beach. My goal was to go to Carmel (just so I could say I've been there). So I made it. I stopped at the Carmel Bakery and had a Cannoli. Then I headed back to the "17 mile drive". Up until Carmel, it had been pretty flat. Not so after. I climbed and climbed (Carmel Hill). Then I came down and back to where I had gone through the Pacific Grove Gate ( if you drive this route, you actually have to go through these gates and pay money--bikes are free). From there my map said I could go up hwy 68 (Sunset Dr.) and get back to Veteran's Memorial Park. What the map didn't say was that it was about a 3 mile climb! Anyway, I made it back to the park at 4:15. Miles done today (on the "17 mile drive"??? 31!!! Geez! So much for a rest day!
Now I must organize all my stuf to get back on the road tomorrow. Tomorrow is Big Sur!

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