Friday, July 9, 2010

Cycle Friendly Santa Cruz

Today's ride was probable the easiest so far. I only used Super Granny 6 times. I rode past fields of artichokes, brussels sprouts and strawberries. There were very few towns until Santa Cruz. In fact, only one, Davenport, where I stopped and ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. These two guys out for a day ride from San Fran to Santa Cruz stopped where I was having my ice cream. The one guy said to the other, "Let's stretch and have a bar". I said, "Forget the bar. Have a pint of ice cream!" They just laughed. From Davenport, it was 11 miles to Santa Cruz. For awhile, I rode on a bike path into the city limits. Then, I started to follow the map. But, I wanted to go to the wharf and the boardwalk so I followed those signs instead. Every road I was on in Santa Cruz had a bike lane. It was great! I got down to the wharf and rode along it. I stopped to take a picture of the amusement park across from the wharf. A guy asked if I would like him to take my picture. I said sure, so he took a picture of Stella and I. I asked him and his buddy if I coud get to New Brighton State Beach without going back up to the route on my map. They gave me great directions (including walking across a trestle to get across the river). I rode to the end of the wharf. Could have easily had some good food if I'd wanted to spend the money. When I came back, another couple asked if I would like them to take my picture. I declined since I already had one. A little further and I stopped to see a bunch of sealions sleeping on a dock. You could actually walk down to just above them. I took a bunch of pictures. From there I left the wharf and rode along the boardwalk by the amusement park. I found the trestle and walked my bike across it (there was a sidewalk). I came out the other side and continued to work my way toward the park. I stopped at a couple of surfing spots to watch the surfers. ANOTHER couple asked if I would like my picture taken. I let them and then I moved on to the next surf spot. It's still pretty cold water surfing because they all have wetsuits on.
I came down through the village of Capitola (just like the guys said), turned on Park Ave. and there was a detour sign. I just rode on through as I was very close to the park.
New Brighton is a good sized park between Santa Cruz and Aptos. Since it is Friday, the park is filling up rapidly. There are no other cyclists here, but I'm sure someone will come in before the night is over. The park staff are very vigilant here. There is a one night limit ad check-out is 9:00am. That's fine because I want to get an early start tomorrow to get to Monterey so I can have more time to explore there.

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Tony said...

Glad to see you made it to SC! I was there till Wednesday, you may have ridden right by 38th/East Cliff Dr. where I stayed while surfing. Enjoy Big Sur coming up!