Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bodega Bay Rest Day

This is my second rest day in 19 days. Gotta say, I was ready for it! It was mist/raining this morning. I'm glad I didn't have to ride. Well, actually, I did ride into town. I was in dire need of doing laundry. I asked the camp host if there was a laundromat in town. It was a good thing I asked because the only laundry facilities that are open are at the marina (it's a secret). There used to be a laundromat right off Hwy 1. In fact, the sign is still there. Had I not asked, I would have assumed there was no longer a laundromat in town. Anyway, with the great directions of the camp host, I made my way down to the Spud Point Marina to wash my clothes. I wore a pair of shorts (regular, not bike) and a clean t-shirt under my raingear. When I got there, I through everything into one load including the socks I was wearing and my bike gloves (they do get a little skanky after awhile). It was $1.50 to wash and .50 to dry. $2.00 and I have all clean clothes--Woo Hoo!! It is the simple things one treasures when on the road.
This gal who was also doing laundry mentioned that the Spuds Point Crab Co. had the best clam chowder. Since it was noon, I finished my laundry and went there for lunch. I had a crab sandwich and a bowl of chowder. It was delicious! I talked to a couple with a little boy. The gal offered to take my picture in front of the restaurant.
After my lunch, I rode back up to the town proper and had a look around. I stopped at the grocery store and restocked a few items. Then I rode back to the campground with my bags full of clean laundry!
I walked down to the beach. It was about a mile. Not wanting to come back the same way, I found a trail through the dunes. I finally came out at the lower section of the campground. It kind of reminded me of Honeyman. At least this time there was a trail.
I came back and took another nice hot shower. So far, there is no one else here. I'm guessing someone will probably show up. I didn't get here until 5:15 last night and it is not quite 5:00 yet. Wonder if it will be anyone I know???

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Levonne said...

Bodega Bay is one of my favorite places. I love Doran Beach County Campground. And there is a laundromat by the little grocery store there in town too. If you have a few minutes, you're invited to stop by my blogs - A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings and Levonne's Pretty Pics.