Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Dreaded Leggett!

Everyone was up at 6:00 this morning. I wasactually the last one out of camp (a first for me). I caught up to Joan and Werner at the beginning of the dreaded Leggett Hill. I turned on my iPod and stuck it in my vest pocket with the speaker facing up. I just listened to music all the way to the top. Carling and Christian were at the top. We all agree it was not that hard. The ride down was fun with lots of turns for about 10 miles. Then it was the beginning of the second big climb of the day. It was steeper than Leggett, but shorter. The descent was fun on that one too. Max speed was 38.9 mph. The three of us met up again at Westport. There was this funky little grocery store that Jada little of everything. I had some ice cream and a slice of carrot cake. Across the street was a little kiosk with a "Bicycle Survey". Carling and I stopped to do the survey (it was about a proposed bike path in the area). Mike rolled in behind us and also filled out the survey. We could look back and see all the other people that had done it too. We knew some of them.
It wasn't too much further to MacKerricher, but it was alot of ups and downs. They are the type that really wear out your legs! Plus, there was very little shoulder. I was in and out of super granny gear so many times I lost count!
Still, I got to the park very early (12:15). The water has to be boiled due to a water outage. Jess, Carling and I set up our tents then rode into Fort Bragg on a bike trail. I am doing this post from the library. Then it's off to the grocery store for just a few items.

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