Saturday, July 3, 2010

An Easy Day? Not Exactly!

Jess, Carling and I left Burlington Campground together. We had about 15 more miles of the Avenue of the Giants. It was as nice as the first miles. Jess and I rode together until we started up the first big hill. I stopped to take off my arm warmers and stuff. Jess continued on up. The sun was really beating down, but there was a pretty good breeze. I pulled off at Garberville to update the blog. Then it was back on 101 for more climbing. I was off 101 for Benbow Dr. which was very shady and nice. Later I was off 101 onto SR 271. There were still alot of hills, but no traffic. Back on 101 going by Richardson Grove the road was heavy traffic and no shoulder in most places. Got to Standish-Hickey at about 3:15. Carling and Christian (haven't seen him since Harris Beach) rolled in together. I was getting ready to go take a shower, but instead, Carling, Jess and I went swimming. It was cold but refreshing. Carling "body-rafted" the rapids. Jess and I watched. When we got back tocamp, Joan and Werner had arrived. We all agreed the day had been tough so we went across the street for dinner. A guy named Mike from Victoria had also come in. He joined us for dinner. I had a cheesebuger and a blackberry sundae.
We all hit the sack early (even though there was quite the party going on--4th of July weekend and all).
Tomorrow is Leggett. We want to get an early start.

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