Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Change of Change of Plans

The original plan was to ride from Vet's Memorial to Kirk Creek. Graeme, Drew and I decided to go to Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur instead because Kirk Creek had no potable water (and no showers). That would mean a 32 mile ride then 70 the next day. When I got to Pfeiffer, Graeme had left a message saying he was going on to Kirk Creek afterall. Turns out he really thought Drew and I were ahead of him and that WE had decided to go to Kirk Creek. So back on the road I went for another 30 miles. It was a good decision because there were still plenty of hills that I would not have wanted to do and ride 70 miles.
As for the ride, Big Sur was very scenic, but the Oregon Coast is just as beautiful. I stopped at Point Lobos first and walked out to the water. There were sealions and some interesting rock formations.
As I was riding along, I was noticing alot of vans like mine going by. Then I realized that they were the same ones just passing me again and again (lots of scenic pullouts). These 2 white vans seemed to pass me the most. We were finally pulled off at the same time and place at Lucia. They were from Australia. The guy told me I had some interesting hills to go up. I said I'd been doing interesting hills all day!
I finally rolled into Kirk Creek. There was abit of an issue with the Hiker/Biker sites as 3 of the 5 had car campers on them. There were 8 of us cyclists. Fortunately, Graeme was already there and had snagged a spot. Drew and I ended up sharing with him. The other 5 were on the other site.
The campground is nice (except no showers). The ranger guy treats and drinks the water himself so it is probably okay. I filled my bottles at Lucia so I'm good anyway.
There are a group of young kids on one site singing with a guitar. They only sing parts of songs and are really loud.
As I am posting this at Hearst Castle (no service last night), I can tell you those kids were up all night! I woke up twice to the girls screaming. The last time was at 4:00. NICE!

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