Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Night Camping

Day 32 is in the can! Another higher mile day at 66 miles.
I left Erikka's at 7:40 this morning. The skies were overcast, but it wasn't cold. As I was riding into Dana Point, a guy named Lonnie caught up to me and we talked for awhile. He took me down through Doheny State Park (said it was a safer way to go). After the park, he headed on home (just down the road) and I was on a bike path that followed the PCH. After that I got on this other path that I don't think I was supposed to take. I ended up having to go up this really steep hill to get back on the route through San Clemente. I figured it out though. Then it was another path to San Onofre State Park. The bike path picked up again after the park. It was kind of weird. It was sort of out in the middle of nowhere. I even saw a Roadrunner go across the path (no Wile E. Coyote though). The path ended just before the gate to Camp Pendleton. I showed the gate MP my license and then proceeded into Camp Pendleton. There was a big sign for cyclists about the rules of riding through the camp. Namely, no straying from the designated bike route. No problem! It was about 7 miles to the other gate. At one point, some military vehicles went by that said "Student Driver" on the back. Scary!
After Camp Pendleton it was a succession of towns. Oceanside, Carlsbad and Encinitas. In Carlsbad, a young guy named Jeremy rode with me for awhile. He was very interested in the whole bike touring thing. In Encinitas as I was going up this hill I, all of a sudden, gotthis power boost. I kind of squealed and this guy, who was pushing me up the hill, laughs and says, "Just a little help up the hill! Have a good ride!".
It was great, if not abit startling.
Here at San Elijo, I am in a regular site (still only $6) because there is a Surf Camp in the H/B site. Fine by me! This is closer to the bathrooms!
Tomorrow is my last day riding. Mexico border here I come!

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