Thursday, July 15, 2010

It Was Worth It!

Woke up to blue skies and sunshine! It was abitchilly, but not for long. It's starting to feel like Southern CA. I took off with my first goal of stopping in Cambria to do laundry. That mission accomplished (woo hoo--all clean stuff), I made one more stop at a French Bakery (had a nice conversation with Sandy who had lived in Cambria for 30 years). At about 11:00 I finally left Cambria. After going through Cayucos, I caught to Jeremy. We ended up riding togeter the rest of the day. We stopped for pizza (buy one get one free--such a deal!) at Los Osos then continued on (with VERY full stomachs). We pulled off to see this vibrant orange field of marigolds (grown for seed). We saw a yellow field up the road so we went there too. On the way back to the route, Kathryn and Anthony caught up to us. We took more pictures then took off. As Jeremy and I pulled into San Luis Obispo we, in a roundabout way, found a funky grocery store called "Smart & Final". It was like a small Costco with things in big packages (Jeremy called it "Costito"). I got a few essentials. Later we saw a Von's (Safeway).
We left SLO and again caught up and passed Katheryn and Anthony. Just before the campground, Katheryn and Anthony turned to get groceries. Jeremy and I continued to the campground. Turns out it was full and they no longer had H/B sites. We tried the county park, but it was also full. We ended up at an RV park that was sandwiched between the train tracks and Hwy 1. They had 2 H/B sites but the fee was $23. But, that was for the site, not each person, so Jeremy and I split it. The best thong was that there was a pool and the showers were free! Strangely, None of the others ever showed up. By the way, when a train goes by and you are asleep, it seems like it is goig to go right trough your tent. But, it was worth it!

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