Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Wee Haa! Southern California HEAT! Going through the mountains was a toasty experiance. At first it was alot of farming. Then, we headed up into mountains. One particular climb (Harris Grade Road) was long and hot. Jeremy waited for me at the top. It was a nice downhill into Lompoc where we hung out at Starbucks making phone calls and updating blogs (and eating of course). Back into the heat and mountainous area we kept rolling along. We happened upon a couple (from the distance we thought it might be Kathryn and Anthony) named Jerry and Kathryn (ironic). They were on a super long (16,000 miles) ride to raise awareness for a method of treating brain injured people. We talked for awhile then Jeremy and I went to sit in the shade and they moved on (they needed to get to Santa Barbara tonight--about 34 more miles). We had about 15 more miles. We crested the top of that hill and enjoyed the 2 mile, 7% grade downhill. After a rest stop (and water bottle refills), we were back to the ocean. There are oil rigs off the coast here. Refugio State Beach is probably our nicest campsite yet. We look right out to the ocean and there are nice trees. The potty shack is also close by. So far we are the only H/B here. We'll see who else shows up. All in all, a good, if not abit warm, day's ride!

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