Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last day!!! Got on the road at 8:00 after talking with Becky. The first part was pretty easy except where I almost went into the Torrey Pines Reserve. It would have been okay except it was a much steeper. Fortunately, I asked a couple of gals and they put me in the right direction. The right road was also a long hill, but not nearly as steep.
Mostly, I just followed the maps today. Not a huge amount of scenery. I worked way into San Diego proper. I was following the ACA map which had me take the Coronado Pedestrian Ferry. It was only $3.75. I ate my lunch while on the ferry. On Coronado I rode a bike path for miles and miles. It brought me around to Imperial Beach. From there I just kept working my way to the border. FINALLY I got to Border Fields State Park. Could have skipped that. Couldn't even see the water. I figured I could take Monument Rd. (the road I'd taken to get to Border Fields). I was right! It came out to Camino de la Plaza which took me right to the pedestrian entrance to Mexico. I took all the pictures as the hordes of people were heading back to Mexico. At the border there is the ultimate outlet mall! Good thing I couldn't carry anymore!
After the border, I stopped at...Subway (of course!!). I told the kid working there that I had ridden my bike for 33 days just to eat at that Subway! I think he half believed me at first!
Back on the road I used the route from the book to go back to the train station in San Diego. I'm really glad I didn't go to the border that way. It was a very boring ride back. Just lots of turns. I did okay until one of the roads apparently had changed names from 24th to "Mile of Cars" Rd. I figured it out and got back to the right road.
I made it back to San Diego in fairly good time. I got to the train station and asked about a box. The gal said they had boxes. She went to show me the boxes when she saw there was a box out on the platform. She recycled it and didn't charge me for it! I only had to pay $5.00 to take Stella. My box is ready and waiting for Stella at the station. I have my ticket, my bags are all organized (I'm going to get a box for the small things) and I just have to get there at 5:15 to get everything checked.
I'm staying tonight with Ryan and Meredith (through Warmshowers). We went to dinner and then to Trader Jo's so I could get some snacks for the train.
I will do a "final" post when I get home. With pictures!

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Swannee said...

You did it! :) Hope your train ride goes well.