Friday, July 16, 2010

The Tar Pits Are Oozing!

But first, the ride. I was once again thwarted in my attempt to go kayaking. Refugio had flyers up saying "Free Beginning Kayak Tours Every Friday 9AM & 11:00". I thought, since I didn't have so many miles today, I would take advantage of this opportunity. So I packed everything up and got over to the kayak place at about 8:45. There were no signs of life. I waited around and even went up to the building. Still, no one was around. Finally at close to 9:00 I gave up and headed down the road.
Had a couple of interesting comments from people as I rolled into Goleta. One couple on bikes said, "Looks like you have your hotel on the back of your bike!". Another guy said, "That's alot of gear for one girl!" I told him, "It's a long trip!".
Stopped in Goleta for awhile and had my 10:00 snack of chocolate milk and pastries. Made a couple of phone calls and continued on toward Santa Barbara. When I got to Santa Barbara I rode out to the end of the wharf then back to the park area along the beach. Here I had to change to my last map section (Santa Barbara to the border). A guy named Lewis stopped and asked if I needed directions. I showed him my map and he told me about a bike path that I could take instead of the road. It was perfect. Flowers on both sides of the path. Back on the road I went past a big orchid grower (Gallup & Stribling). Should have stopped at their visitor's center.
Shortly after that I came into Carpinteria where I am staying at the state park. I couldn't check in until 4:00 (it is their way of keeping down the homeless occupating the H/B site). It was only 2:30. The park staff said I could go shower then check in at 4:00. After I showered I rode into the business part of town to have a look around. Got some ice cream and took it back to the beach to watch the volleyball games.
Carpinteria is a Spanish word for carpenter. Originally the Native Americans built canoes here. At the end of the park there are tar pits. The Natives used the tar to caulk their canoes. The park host says the tar pits are oozing so I'm going to go have a look.
I can't believe I only have 4 more days until the border! So many memories from this trip! Now I can add tar pits!

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Swannee said...

Weird about the kayaking! I guess it just wasn't meant to be. The tar pits sound fascinating.