Saturday, July 17, 2010

It Shouldn't Be So Hard to Get a Shower!

I arrived at Leo Carillo State Beach at about 2:00. Set up my tent, made some phone calls, then set off for a shower. I got to the closest shower/restroom building. The showers here only take tokens (like Washington State Parks). I went to the next shower building where I could purchase the tokens. The token machine only takes dollar bills (also like WA). I only had quarters. I also still had one WA token. I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. Didn't work. So I took my 4 quarters over to the camp store to exchange for a dollar bill. They don't do that, but the camp host will exchange tokens for quarters. So I go to the host. No one is there. I trudge all the way back to my campsite to get a dollar bill. When I had been at the building with the token machine, another gal tried to put a dollar in and it wouldn't take it. The park person said to go to Restroom building 1 at the beginning of the park or building 4 at the end. Since I am closest to the entrance, I figure I'll go there. Well, I don't know where this building is because I sure never found it! I ended up walking all the way to number 4. I get the stupid tokens (I really only needed 1 as I can shower and wash my hair in 3 minutes), but all the showers are in use. I figure I have to walk all the way back anyway so I'll just try the next building. I get there and there is an available shower. Finally! I decide, even though I don't need two tokens, I'm going to use them anyway. Put in the first token. Ahhhh, nice warm shower. I take my time giving my hair a good long rinse. The shower turns cold so I put in the second token. The shower never warms up! I have to rinse off the rest of me with cold water! ARRRRGGGG!! It shouldn't be this hard to get a shower!
As for today's ride there really wasn't anything special. Just a fairly fast 52 miles. I did stop at the Channel Islands Visitor Center, but didn't go to the islands themselves (1/2 day excursion).
Tomorrow I negotiate LA.


Tony said...

Leo Carrillo...such memories! I surfed there as a kid many times, cold water but lots of fun.
Lots of movies filmed there too. Once owned by Dan Blocker, who played 'Hoss' in the Bonanza series.
You will roll through my home town today, say hi to crazy Venice for me and good luck getting through LA!

Swannee said...

argh! That's so frustrating (but makes for a good story!!)