Monday, June 13, 2011

A Boy Named Sean Saves the Day!

I left Pioneer Point at 7:30. It was an easy ride through Wofford Heights and into Kernville. I stopped at a park in Kernville and had a look at the river. There are a lot of river rafting companies in Kernville. As I left, I was passed by many white busses pulling trailers full of rafts.

I entered Sequoia National Forest. There are lots of campgrounds and places to pull off and camp along the river. As well as more potty shacks than I've seen the whole trip!

The road followed the river until it crossed the river and left it behind. Then the climbing began in earnest. After a long time of climbing I came to Johnsondale. It was really just a private resort, but there was a store. I downed my usual 32 oz. of Gatorade and a Snickers. Then it was back to climbing.

The thing is, even after I know I'm am well hydrated and sugared up, the climbing is still slow and often agonizing. I just wanted to get close enough to Redwood Meadow and free camp somewhere. I had enough water (one of those days where I'm lugging two extra liters of water).

As I came around this one corner, I saw a bike with a trailer on the other side of the road. I stopped and looked around, but didn't see anyone. I went back and looked closer at the bike. Seemed like it was not just abandoned, but still there was no one around. I was tempted to holler out a hello and see if anyone responded. Instead I turned back around and started to ride again. Then I looked up just as this guy was coming down the rocks. I stopped and stupidly said, "Is that your bike?" (He was in bike shorts and carrying a helmet.). We talked for a bit and introduced ourselves. His name was Sean. We decided to ride together for awhile.

Sean is riding from Prescott, AZ. He is 19 and riding to Ashland to work at a camp. He is pulling his stuff in a burley trailer on his Mom's Fuji 10 speed. Youth is a wonderful thing!!!

We rode until I saw a good spot to camp and we parted ways. I free camped along side a creek in a nice spot. I hit the sack at 8:00 and slept the whole night.

Total miles: 42

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