Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Need For Sunscreen Today!

Even though it looks sunny in the photo of Deadhorse Summit, that was only a brief patch of sun. I put sunscreen on this morning, but I really didn't need it. In fact, by the time I got rolling, it was raining. About 10 or so miles down the road I was able to start taking off various pieces of rain gear until I was down to just shorts, jersey, arm warmers and knee warmers. It was still a little chilly and I eventually dug out my vest, but at least it wasn't raining...for awhile.

The ride in general, was nothing special. Just a bunch of rollers and two moderate climbs. As I was getting to the top of Snowman Hill (no snow here), it started to rain again so I put my jacket and helmet cover back on.

I'm now in Mt. Shasta at the library where there is free Wi-Fi. I've been to the grocery store and next is the KOA since none of my couch requests panned out. Of course, I'm still a day ahead, but, oh well, camping has been pretty cheap the last four nights ($0 and $3).

Since I am a day ahead, I think I will, for sure, take the day off in Ashland.


Debra said...

Hey Colleen! Sorry I missed your call the other evening. I am doing great, thanks for asking. I am now driving! I am still going to PT but I love it. I have enjoyed reading your posts and looking at the pics. Beautiful country we have! I am glad you are finding more peeps to visit with than during the first part of your ride. I hope you did do Ashland. It is such a great little community with lots to see and do. Crater Lake is beautiful. I will be anxious to see pics and get your reaction. Travel safe!

Colleen said...

I'm excited for Crater Lake, especially since I know the West Rim Dr. is open. East Rim is still closed. I'm going into downtown Ashland today.