Monday, June 6, 2011

Free camping!

Once again I over estimated my abilities to haul myself and Stella uphill for long miles. I realized last night when I was looking at the elevation gain for today that it was iffy that I would be able to do all of it in one day. First I had an 11 mile climb just out of Yucaipa. That went pretty good, just took a long time! I got to Angelus Oaks at about noon. From there it was up and down (mostly up) for the next 10+ miles. I started looking at possible campgrounds. There were four between Angelus Oaks and Onyx Summit. I decided on the last one--Heart Bar. I'm still several miles from Onyx Summit, but there should be some decent downhill after I reach the summit tomorrow. I could have gone further, but I didn't want to be stuck at 8000 ft with no campground and not enough water.

So, I turned into Heart Bar, but, again, the camp fee is $20! So I told a little lie to the camp host. I told her I only had $10. She told me I could go just outside the campground and camp for free, yet still use the water and restrooms of the campground. I knew I could camp free on National Forest land, I just didn't know I could do it so close to a campground! I will remember this for future use! She also said they hadn't had any bears down this low yet (this low being almost 7000 ft.)

I've got my tent all set up and even did my laundry (just a pair of bike shorts, underwear and a bandana). Now I think I'll fix myself something to eat.

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Julie R said...

Great trip info Colleen. Keep up the great posts.