Friday, June 10, 2011

Insights from the Road--Day 10

I've been on the road for ten days now. Here are some insights, or things I've learned so far.

1) It's hard to plan beforehand when you don't completely know how long it will take to go up the side of a mountain. I have repeatedly over-estimated my abilities to climb or, in otherwords, under-estimated how long it will take to do a certain amount of miles. I'm getting better at it.

2) When doing a new route (or one that is NOT the Coast), it is important to be comfortable with being alone most of the time. I would like a bit more company, but I'm doing okay.

3) Even if you put sunscreen on everyday, you're going to get a little color when spending 8 or more hours in the sun. I put sunscreen lip balm on several times a day and still, my lips are sore.

4) Camping on National Forest Service Land is free. Even better is to camp on Forest Land NEXT to a campground so you can poach their amenities.

5) If you are in the desert and there is green grass by your campsite, assume that at some point, sprinklers will come on and get your stuff wet.

6) It is more frightening to stay in a seedy motel in the middle of a town than to camp alone in the mountains.

7) A long day riding into the wind is very tiring, even if you are going downhill.

8) Always make sure the floor of the shower is wet BEFORE you get completely undressed. If it's not, it means the shower does not work and you'll have to put all your skanky clothes back on to go to the next shower.

9) Make sure you carry ENOUGH water, but not TOO MUCH. If you don't carry enough you'll be thirsty. If you carry too much, you're just going to have to work that much harder up the hills.

And, finally...
10) Don't buy a green avocado. You'll just have to carry it for 8 days before it is finally ripe enough to eat!

There you have it. Ten insights after ten days.


Amy said...

Glad you survived your nasty hotel! Such a bummer that when you have a hotel night, it's a gross one! So, there may be strawberries when you get back. Spooners changed the sign to LATE June... I see no such optimism in the field... Keep on keepin' on my friend!! :)

Colleen said...

Well, at least it was cheap! Everything here seems to be late as well. At least the temps have not been too hot!