Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yet Another Detour!

I left Shannon's at my usual time even though I slept in. It just doesn't take that long to get ready when I have not slept in my tent...go figure?

Again, the morning was a little chilly, but I was in the sun long enough to be warm. The ride was mostly flat with a few little climbs, another easy day.

I stopped in the little town of Greenville for my 10:00 snack. As I was climbing toward Canyondam, a guy was coming down the other side. He stopped and crossed over to my side of the road and rode with me for awhile until we stopped at a wide spot. He said something about the road over Lassen being closed. I said, " Wait, I'm supposed to go to Lassen tomorrow!". So we stopped to look at the map. He told me of a detour route if Lassen was indeed closed. Then he asked where I was staying for the night. I told him the campground I was headed to. He said I could stay with him and then I could still do the detour if necessary. Since he was headed toward Greenville, he gave me his address and directions and said he would see me there. I continued riding to Canyondam where I could find out for sure if Lassen was closed or not. When I got to Canyondam (after meeting another gal and riding with her as far as Canyondam), I met another touring cyclist, John, who had just come from the detour route because Lassen is closed. So, now I knew for sure. Okay, detour number two coming up.

I pulled over on 147 at a Vista Point to take photos of Lake Almanor and the dam. Along comes Bruce, the guy who I was going to stay with. We rode together the rest of the way to his place. He has a nice place on the lake. We went swimming and then I had a sandwich.

I have my detour route all planned. It will actually be less climbing than going up to Lassen, but I pretty much miss the National Park all together.

I also looked to see if the rim is open at Crater Lake. Turns out the West Rim is open, so I shouldn't have any problems there.

Flexibility is key (that, and running into the right people at the right time)!

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