Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Red Sky at Morning...

...Cyclist Take Warning!

Yep, after 27 days, it finally rained. It really didn't rain a whole lot, but enough to warrant me pulling out my rain gear. I had heard there was a 70% chance of rain today. I thought I would try a couple of insurance policies so that it wouldn't rain, but neither worked. First I put my rain gear on the top in the pannier. Then, I didn't put sunscreen on. I guess it was a good idea I put the rain gear on top, and I sure didn't need any sunscreen!

Fortunately, today was a short day. Not the shortest in miles, but definitely the shortest in time (and the highest average speed so far of 13.8 mph--in fact, I think that is my highest ever touring average speed!). I got to Burney-McCarther State Park at 11:05. I even started out the day by doing a 2 mile hike on the Spatter Cone Trail, 1 1/2 miles south (as in back the other direction) of Old Station where I camped last night!

The trail was a pretty cool geological site. It is part of the whole lava flow and lava tube system like the Subway Cave I went through yesterday. There is not a cave to go into, but there were several small lava tubes. I was the only one on the trail (of course, it was only 8:00 when I got there).

Then I got on the road for the mostly downhill 31 miles to the park. It stopped raining when I set up my tent and didn't really rain anymore. Shortly after I got my tent set up a hiker named Eric (trail name--Robocop--retired sheriff's deputy) came into the H/B camp. He has been hiking various parts of the PCT (the PCT crosses through the park). After we both got our camps set up, we walked to the camp store and got snacks, then went and took showers (as usual--"the BEST shower EVER!"). Then, we walked down the "Pioneer Cemetery Trail" to the cemetery. First we didn't think there was actually a cemetery, but finally we came to the dead people. There was a list of the people buried there, but we didn't see that many graves.

After some more food, we walked to the Burney Falls. It is a pretty spectacular falls (okay, not as awesome as Yosemite, but still pretty cool). We walked down to the bottom and back up.

Earlier and then later as well, a gal came by the camp the was doing support for some hikers. Turns out she is from Chelan! Such a small world!

Speaking of small worlds, way back on June 4th, at San Jacinto State Park in Idyllwild, I met three hikers hiking with a 14 month old girl. Eric has met them too! It's just so weird! They are walking and I am biking, yet we see the same people!

Well, it looks as if the sun may come out again tomorrow. This was a perfect day for a short ride. I have enjoyed my time here with Eric. Tomorrow it's on to Mt. Shasta.

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