Friday, June 24, 2011

The Halfway Day!

I forgot to mention in the last post that today is (was, by the time this posts) Day 24--the halfway day! So, for a few stats, I have ridden 1,145.8 miles (I have travelled a bit more than that due to the lifts up Sonora and the bit of Monitor). My average per day, including the day off in Yosemite, but not including the miles I rode on that day off (I didn't keep track), is 47.7 miles per day. I've used half of my fuel and about half of my money (well, due to the unexpected hotel stays, a little more than half). I also switched to Map 3 today. This map will take me to Crater Lake. Oh, and the hair on my legs is almost a half inch long (okay, not really, but at least a quarter inch!).

I decided to stay at a different campground than I had planned. Cottonwood Campground was where I was going to stay, but instead I am at Cold Creek. Cottonwood was $21 and Cold Creek is $13 (although, if you ask me, $13 is a bit much for a campground that has no potable water!). I was afraid I would get to Cottonwood and, since it is Friday, they would be full. Turns out that was not the case (the campground host is also the host for Cottonwood), but still I saved $8.

In this small, 13 site campground I've met two couples. One is Patricia and Stefan from Zurich, Switzerland. They have rented an RV. Since there is no water here (except the creek) I asked Patricia if I could have a water bottle full of not hot water (I boiled a liter for cooking, but I didn't want to drink hot water). She said it was no problem. Thanks Patricia!

The other couple are also in an RV. The guy developed Power Bar and has worked with the Clif Bar people too. He said I should call Clif Bar and tell them about my trip. Hmmm...perhaps I will!

24 down--24 to go!!!

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