Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dr. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde or...

...Morning Colleen and Afternoon Colleen.

On this ride, I am really not alone. There are actually two of me. Kind of a split personality thing. First there is Morning Colleen. When Morning Colleen is out, the ride is great, the climbs are no problem and I am so happy to be doing this ride. Then, it gets to be about 2:00 or so and I am climbing an 8 or 9 or more mile pass. It's hot and there is little shade. Along comes Afternoon Colleen. She is a bit of a pessimist. She thinks to herself, "Why am I doing this? What was I thinking? Am I crazy? Will this climb ever end? Maybe I'll try and hitch a ride!". Some days it's Morning Colleen the whole day. Other days...not so much. Good thing is, Morning Colleen usually manages to reappear once I reach my stopping place for the night, whether it is a campground, free-camping or a hotel. The two also have different ideas of a snack. Morning Colleen likes chocolate milk and those little coconut crumb donuts. Afternoon Colleen likes 32 oz. of Gatorade and as much sugar in the form of Snickers bars as she can consume!

Well, one good thing, it's nice to not be alone!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I think it's all Wilsons fault. He talked you into those afternoons :)
Nice to chat with you, you're doing great!!! :)))