Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Retrospective Day

Today, after 29 1/2 days I said goodbye to California! You know, California is a BIG state!

I thought I would do a retrospective of the last 29 days. I was actually, as I was riding, able to remember each place I have stayed. So, here is each day, and one word (at least I'll try) to describe it.

San Diego to Lakeside: Excited!
Lakeside to Mt. Laguna: Exhausting
Mt. Laguna to Oak Grove: Yummy
Oak Grove to Idyllwild: Hikers
Idyllwild to Yucaipa: Strange
Yucaipa to Heart Bar: Over-Estimating
Heart Bar to Silverwood Lake: Braking
Silverwood Lake to Islip Saddle: Peaceful
Islip Saddle to Palmdale: Speedy
Palmdale to Brite Lake: Windy!
Brite Lake to Pioneer Point: Progress
Pioneer Point to Redwood Meadow: Sean
Redwood Meadow to Lake Kaweah: Snakes!
Lake Kaweah to Lodgepole: Slovenians
Lodgepole to Grant Grove: Downhill
Grant Grove to Pine Flat Lake: Frustration
Pine Flat to Bass Lake: Friends
Bass Lake to Yosemite: Spectacular
Day off in Yosemite: Tourist
Yosemite to Jamestown: Boiling
Jamestown to Dardenelle: Jessica
Dardenelle to Markleeville: Thankful
Markleeville to Lake Tahoe: Beautiful
Lake Tahoe to Cold Creek: Bike Paths
Cold Creek to Quincy: Shannon
Quincy to Lake Almanor: Bruce
Lake Almanor to Old Station: Cave
Old Station to McArthur Burney Falls: Easy
McArthur Burney Falls to Mt. Shasta: Rain
Mt. Shasta to Ashland: Oregon!

The previous blogs can elaborate each day.


GSK said...

My daughter and I are going to do this trip starting on May 16th (a college graduation present for her). Any tips? I'd love to read more ...

Colleen said...

So, first of all, I did blog posts for my entire Sierra Cascades Tour. I would recommend reading those. Secondly, I started on June 1st and had to make three detours due to snow--Tioga Pass (the pass had opened, but all the campgrounds were still under snow), Mt. Lassen, and Elk Pass (in Washington). The Mt. Lassen and Elk Pass detours were okay (except not getting to go to Lassen National Park and Mt. Rainer NP). However, the detour over Sonora Pass instead of Tioga was only good because I met people who gave me a ride to the top. Sonora is very steep (25% grades), narrow and winding. What I'm saying is, make sure you check all the Passes you will be going over since you are leaving mid-June. If, after you have read the blog posts, you have any other questions, feel free to ask.