Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's All Mine!

After I left Starbucks, I rode against the wind through Banning, Beaumont and Cherry Valley before beginning, again, to climb (what's with all these hills--oh, that's right, it is the SIERRA CASCADES!). I'm not sure whether it's the heat, the elevation, the weight of Stella or a combination of all of it, but I sure am slow on these climbs! I guess it could also be that they are typically multiple miles long too (hmmm...maybe that's it). Anyway, I headed up Oak Glen Rd. It was pretty warm and not much shade. I would kind of go from shade spot to shade spot (some a 1/2 mile apart). As I was resting (and eating Jelly Bellys) in one shady spot, a guy drove by, flipped a u-turn and came back to me only on the other side of the road. He asked if I was okay. I told him I was just resting in the shade. I thought that was mighty nice of him. So far, not that I need help, he is the only one to ask if I'm okay.

I continued my ride from shade to shade until I got to the top and was able to turn onto Wildwood Canyon Rd. From there it was a long downhill. I got up to my max speed so far for this trip of 42mph. There were not as many turns in the road. I knew I needed to turn on Douglas St., but I didn't expect it to come when it did. I screeched on the brakes and was just a little bummed that I wasn't going the rest of the way down. I probably could have, but I opted to follow the route.

As I came into Yucaipa, I was on the lookout for a grocery store. I saw a Rite Aid and there always seems to be a grocery store close by. Sure enough, there was one on the side of the street I was riding on. I quickly turned in and rode up a short hill to the parking lot. The store was called Slater Bros. Never heard of it before, but it is like Safeway. They carry their own brand so I was able to get some things cheaper. It came to $23. Not too bad since this was my first grocery restock since Lakeside.

From there it was just a mile to Yucaipa Regional Park. I really wish I could have CouchSurfed here. This strange campground cost me $25! I have a huge site to myself. I have two picnic tables, two grills, my own water and a tent space that is big enough to fit 30 of my size tents! I don't get it? Also, there is tons of grassy space around here. They should have a small designated space for people such as myself that doesn't cost $25! There is also a lake for fishing (costs extra) and a water park (also costs extra). The only good thing is that the showers are free (not great showers, but free).

Tomorrow I'm hoping to camp in near Fawnskin in a "Yellow Post" campsite. They are free.

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