Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Confidence, a Ride and a Little Weightloss

I left my quaint little inn at 7:20 this morning. It was already heating up outside. I rode through the town of Sonora (actually, quite a good size town--now back to seeing Safeway instead of Von's). I seemed to be going very slowly and my arms were glistening with sweat within the first couple of miles. I think my legs were still kind of spent from yesterday's 73 mile ride. Plus, it was just plain hot!

Since I hadn't really had a decent breakfast (2 Danish and orange juice), I stopped at a restaurant and treated myself to a pancake, sausage and chocolate milk. The gals at the restaurant said I should try to get to Kennedy Meadows. It was at the base of the Sonora Pass climb. I don't know what kind of Super Biker Woman they thought I was because when I looked at the map, there was no way I could make that distance! It was almost all uphill! The one gal felt sorry for me and said she should put my bike in her truck and drive me there. I wasn't quick enough to take her up on the offer.

I was making very slow progress. My goal was to try to do 40 miles. I even toyed with the idea of sticking out my thumb and trying to get a ride for Stella and I. I half heartedly tried, but no one stopped.

I stopped at a gas station in Sugar Pine and had my customary Gatorade and Snickers (and a Reese's and a bag of coconut M&Ms--did I mention I was tired and it was really hot?) I had, yet another person tell me how winding and dangerous the road up Sonora Pass was. What choice did I have?

In Wi Muk, I saw a Post Office. I have been toying with sending some stuff home for a few days now. It's mostly clothing that I either haven't worn, or don't need. Also, why I brought two forks, two spoons and two knives I'll never know. I sent one of each home along with the spatula and frying pan handle (I can use the one on my pot). I had purchased a few small souvenirs from Yosemite. Those went too. It wasn't really that much weight, but the mental aspect was great!

I continued my climb for a number of miles. I came to a lookout and pulled over. There was a red pickup there, but no driver. I figured someone was probably hiking. Turns out it was a young gal sitting down on the rocks looking at the view. When she came up, I asked if she was going toward Sonora Pass and was that her truck? She said yes and asked if I would like a ride. I just about hugged her!

We loaded Stella and the bags in the back and headed up the road. Her name was Jessica and she was just out for a drive. For me, she was a lifesaver! She dropped us off about 15 miles up the road. From there it was about 10 more miles to where I am camped for the night at Dardenelle Campground.

Now I have been invited to dinner at another campsite (John, Tammy, Cody and Aunt Dorothy who is from...TENINO!!!). Gotta go!

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