Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'll Take a Little Less Wind With This Climb...Please!

This morning I left Markleeville Campground. To get to the campground yesterday, I had to go down a gravel and dirt road. I discovered this morning that it is much easier to go up a gravel and dirt road than down.

I had a bit more downhill, then a couple of little ups to the junction where I turned to head up today's climb of Luther Pass. It was the only big climb for today! About 8 miles and less than 3000 ft of elevation gain. Piece of cake! Except for the wind. At one point, before the climb really started, I was in Super Granny gear, pedaling hard and going 3.5 mph. I looked up and realized I was actually going downhill! Geez! Could I have a little less wind? At one point the wind forced me into the shoulder. I happened to be across the road from some road workers. When I had to stop to get back on the road, I yelled, "Uggggg!". I'm sure the workers got a kick out of that.

At the turn to continue up to Luther on Hwy 89, the wind relented a little and I was able to enjoy the not so difficult climb. I reached the summit shortly after (at 10:45--Woo Hoo!). On the way down, there was road construction. A pilot car was taking the traffic through the construction. I always ask the flagger where they want me. The guy said I could go wherever I wanted because I would be able to keep up. He was right. I even had to brake. After the construction, the road was pretty straight so I just let Stella go. I reached my highest speed so far on this trip of 48.7 mph!

Now I am at a Starbucks in South Lake Tahoe. I need to find a grocery store as I have no more dinners and only two days of breakfast left. Then I will head to D.L. Bliss State Park where there is supposed to be a Hiker/Biker site.

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