Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cracks in the Road, and Other Little Annoyances

I know that winter weather is hard on the road surface but, that doesn't make the cracks in the road any easier to ride on. When your butt has been in the saddle for a number of hours, the cracks don't help! Yesterday, there seemed to be more cracks than smooth pavement.

Another annoyance is hot feet. The other day, when I came upon a snow bank that hadn't melted yet, I took off my sandals and stood in the snow to cool off my feet. I also put some snow into my socks. Yesterday, as I crossed the Little Truckee River, I spied some rocks that I could sit on and dangle my feet in the river. Ahhhhh....that felt good.

Then there is the ultimate annoyance...the flies! I realize I am probably quite the attraction considering, even if I have had a shower, it was the night before and I am likely very sweaty. Still, they drive me crazy!

What about snakes, you ask? Well, snakes go beyond just an annoyance. Annoyances are just that, annoying things. Snakes, on the other hand, scare the bee-jeesus out of me (dead or alive)!

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