Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Insights From the Road

1) You have a lot more room in your tent when everything is in the Bear Locker.

2) It's true about the odor-resistant properties of wool...to a point. After awhile, you just have to wash it.

3) If the picnic table at your campsite is surrounded by snow, it's likely to be a little chilly in the morning.

4) If you are dying of thirst, and a Slovenian sets a glass of wine in front of you, you will drink it-- even if you don't like wine.

5) Be thankful they won't let you ride through a construction site at an 8%+ grade incline.

6) It is possible to wolf down a King Size Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, a crumb cake AND a 32 oz. bottle of Gatorade THEN, get back on your bike and ride.

7) A bug repellant bandana doesn't really repel the pesky flies, but it makes you feel like it does (added bonus--Slovenians will think you look like a bandit who robbed a bank and escaped on your bike).

8) If the snake in the road is dead, do NOT veer into oncoming traffic to avoid it. If the snake is alive, take your chances with the cars.

9) It's a good idea to scope out the potty shack before it gets dark.

...and number 10 for 20 days on the road...
No matter how early you get on the road, your butt is still going to be tired of sitting on the saddle after about 10 hours.

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John Saunders said...

Colleen, you should go to bed, it is late.
The dogs will visit Nolan on Thursday.
John and Kathryn