Sunday, July 17, 2011

All the Downs Are Ups...

...and all the ups are downs.

On this, my second to last day, I rode a few chunks on the STP route. Of course, I was riding the route in reverse. That means, all the downhills were ups and all the uphills were down! I didn't spend the whole ride on the route. In fact, I had a long stretch on South and North Military Rds. that was rolling, but nice and quiet traffic-wise. I finished the day on the STP route because it is the best way into Centralia.

Today was pretty much raining all day. It wasn't raining hard, so I opted to only wear my rain jacket. I get so hot in full rain gear. Even with just the jacket, I was very sweaty.

The photo is the only one I took today, and that one is the view from my motel room. It just wasn't an overly scenic day.

I did check another Subway off the list! This one was on Rush Rd. near I-5 at the south end of Chehalis. Really, it seemed closer to Napavine.

Tomorrow is the last day. Since it will be on all familiar roads, I imagine my mind will be wandering to the last 47 days. Perhaps I will see if I can remember all the places I stayed. At 30 days when I was riding into Oregon, I was still able to remember every place I had stayed in California.

I think I am ready to be home. If I had been able to finish on the Sierra Cascades route, maybe I would have wished I was going all the way to Sumas (the actual end of the route). As it is, with the rain and being on roads I know so well, I'm ready to be done.

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