Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Birdy Kind of Day

This morning I took my time getting on the road as I only had about 39 miles. Still, I was on the road by 8:00. I rode the 1 1/2 miles back to return to the route, then turned up Crescent Cut-off Rd. I was on that for a short time, then I turned onto Cascade Lakes Hwy. I was riding along, enjoying the sunshine, lack of cars and the views of the mountains, when a Bald Eagle flew right in front of me! It flew into a tree, so I stopped and took a photo. Then I noticed there was another one in another tree close by! The one that had flown in front of me had been working on a dead deer on the side of the road. While I was taking the photo of the Eagle, a Hummingbird flew over my shoulder. This has happened before when I have had either my red vest or my red jersey on. I was hoping the Eagle would come back to the deer, but instead it flew off the other direction.

Later, as I was going by one of the lakes (hence the name--Cascade Lakes Hwy.), I noticed a flock of white pelicans on the lake. I knew they were pelicans, because I had seen them at Willow Lake. They are much prettier than the brown pelicans.

I arrived at Lava Lake campground shortly after 12:30 (could have slept longer). I changed out of my bike clothes and into my swimsuit. I went down to the lake and went for a short swim. Lava Lake is more of a fishing lake than a swimming lake, but since there are no showers here, (oh, I could go pay $5 and have a shower at the resort the dip in the lake was good until later, when I was in the camp store and I heard the gal say there were leeches in the lake! Fortunately, I just did a short dip. Just what I need to compliment all the mosquito bites on my legs, a leech!

Speaking of Mosquitos, they are not as bad here as the last two nights. Also, I bought a Citronella candle. I don't know how great it works, but it can't hurt.

Tomorrow is another short day into Bend where I will stay with my cousin. Me thinks I will not set my alarm...

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