Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Day For Touring Cyclists

Today I saw more touring cyclists than I have seen my whole trip! Still, no other women. Yesterday, I met David and Noah as I was coming to Diamond Lake. This morning I caught up to them as they were finishing "second breakfast" on the side of the road (some days you eat more than one of a meal). Noah is David's 14 year old son. They are from Ashland (this was Day 4 for them) and are riding to Glacier in Montana. Pretty amazing trip for a 14 year old (or anyone for that matter!)!

We rode together to Chemult. On our way to Chemult, we saw another touring cyclist going the other way. His name was Joe (he took the photo of David, Noah and I). He was going from Portland to San Francisco via Crater Lake.

In Chemult, I was in need of groceries and wanted to see if I could get Wi-Fi at a cafe that my "Wi-Fi Finder" app said was in Chemult. I got the groceries, but no Wi-Fi. Oh well, this will be another post in line waiting for Wi-Fi (when I get to Bend for sure). At the cafe, David and Noah had 3rd breakfast (technically, lunch, but they had breakfast food) and I had a 2nd breakfast of French toast and orange juice. The boys still needed to get a few groceries themselves, so I headed up the road (we would have parted ways when I turned off Hwy 97 onto 58 as they were staying on 97 into Bend--I'm taking the hillier scenic route, of course!).

While I was still on 97, I saw another cyclist headed the other way. I crossed the road to talk to him (it's just what we do--you never let another touring cyclist go by without talking to them). His name was Chuck. He was from Eugene, but had started in Crescent Lake. I told him I was going on 58 to Bend. He said that wasn't the way to Bend. Even though I told him I would be coming around via Bachelor, he still thought I was going to Eugene on 58. He told me all about Willamette Pass and some tunnel and some hot springs. After I left him, I realized I would not be going that way. Maybe some other time.

I was headed for Spring Campground near Crescent Lake Junction (a town...sort of) when i came upon this RV park (with cabins). I decided to stop and ask if they had any tent sites. Sure enough, they have three...AND, the showers are free! All this (and a ton of Mosquitos) for $15! I said I'd take it (last night I paid $16 for free showers and 10 tons of Mosquitos)! I have a nice site next to Crescent Creek (breeding ground central, I'm sure).

Tomorrow I go to Little Lava Lake where I am sure I will encounter more Mosquitos. I've come to accept that DEET is a friend. So much so, that I have moved the bottle to a place of honor in my handlebar bag for easy access.

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