Sunday, July 24, 2011

Christian and his Harem

Today was Day 1 of our bike ride to the Coast and back. Christian and I left the house at 7:52! We got to Leandra's and helped her get her panniers set. Julie met us a Leandra's. We took off from there and rode to Blue Heron where we met up with Annette. We got a few treats and were on the road by 9:45.

Everyone made it up the biggest hill of the day without too much trouble (Old Hwy 410). Then it was onto Hwy 8. We would get strung out a bit, but then we would stop and regroup periodically. Seemed to work well for all.

At Elma we pulled off for a little snack break and butt break for those less accustomed to long stretches in the saddle. Then we rode on to Montesano where we had lunch at Subway (of course!).

Getting back on the Hwy, Christian had a flat. Annette went back to where cars could see her (and hopefully slow down or move over a bit) while Christian changed the tube. It was a new experience for him to fix a flat on his new bike. It has a Rholoff Hub so is not just your ordinary wheel removal. He got it all figured out and we were back on the road. I was grateful for the additional break as I was strangely very full from lunch.

By then the earlier tailwind had turned and was now a pretty strong headwind. Still, there is a fair amount of downhill, so it didn't really slow us down that much.

We stopped at Starbucks in Aberdeen for another break. Everyone was holding up quite well. We made it over the bridge and onto Hwy 105 pretty easily. Then it was back into the headwind. Annette lead for most of the way on 105. I just tucked in right behind her getting a nice draft. We stopped to rest a few more times, one of which was a nice photo-op at the bay.

We pulled into Twin Harbors State Park at 6:15. We chose a regular site because it was cheaper that way.

Leandra, Annette and Christian, unfortunately, had cold showers. Julie and I cooked dinner while they showered. Then, WE went to a different restroom building and had HOT showers! DELIGHTFUL!

Since we didn't get a chance to go down to the ocean, we will do that in the morning before we leave.

I was very proud of Annette, Leandra and Julie today. They all did great!

Total Miles: 77.0 (for Christian and I), 72 (for Julie and Leandra) and 64 (for Annette)
My Average Speed: 12.8

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