Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gravel, Another Annoyance!

I could have slept longer this morning. I left at my usual 7:15ish from Willow Lake. I got to River Bridge at 11:52. Granted, there wasn't much to do along the way. The one small town was pretty quiet on this holiday weekend Sunday. The elevation profile made today's ride seem more hilly than it was. Instead of a big roller coaster of hills, it was just a kiddie coaster.

What was most annoying today was the gravel on every right hand curve--especially the downhill ones. Then, after the town of Prospect, Hwy. 62 was oiled and graveled! That is the worst of all because the gravel hasn't been packed down on the shoulder and when the cars go around, they kick up the gravel that hasn't been packed down in the center. Fortunately, I only had to ride about 4 miles on that.

This campground is another one with no water. I boiled a liter from the Rogue River. There are lots of other people here--some in RVs. Later, I may go bum some cool water like I did at Cold Creek.

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