Thursday, July 14, 2011

Washington, My Home...

...Wherever I may roam!

Yes, I am now back in Washington! I crossed the Bridge of the Gods (a little squirrelly on the grated bridge deck) at about noon today. It was also at that point that I was officially done with the Sierra Cascades Route. From here to home I will be on the detour to avoid the closed Elk Pass.

Because today's ride was only 29 miles, I got to camp pretty early. I am staying at Beacon Rock State Park. After I set everything up, I did the walk to the top of Beacon Rock. I met some boys at the top who are from Olympia. They are camping at Beacon Rock too. There is another tent here in the Hiker/Biker Site, but no person, so far. Probably a hiker. The PCT is not far from here.

Today I saw two other cyclists going the other direction. I couldn't talk to them because they were on the other side of I-84. Then, when I was on the side road doing into Cascade Locks, I met a guy named Jerry. He started in Redding, CA. He is going East (after having come up the coast). He is on a seriously long tour!

Four days to go! Tomorrow is Vancouver.

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