Friday, July 1, 2011

Tooling Around Ashland

Today is my second day off of my trip (first was Yosemite). I started the morning by changing the disc brake pads on Stella. They were making a funny sound so I figured it was time to change them. As is true of most of my "first time" bike maintenance experiences, patience is a virtue. It took me awhile to get the old pads out (easier to take out one at a time), then it took me a long time to get the new ones in (due to the spring thing, you can't put one in at a time). Finally, both pads were in all the way. I adjusted the cable and all was good to go.

I rode to downtown, about two miles of a slight downhill. I stopped at a Subway as it was close enough to lunch and I figured it would be cheaper to eat at Subway and get some dessert item in town. I rode around the downtown area and the Shakespearean Festival area, then went and locked Stella (I had to give her a chance to see the town before she had to sit in one place) at a bike rack on the plaza (where the Lithia Water fountains are). I walked around the shops and bought a new book as I am almost finished with "A Woman Alone". I decided to read "To Kill a Mockingbird". It is one of the plays on here, so I thought since I couldn't see the play (sold out), I would read the book.

Nancy, my Couch Surfing host, told me about the United Bicycle Institute. I knew about it, but forgot it was here in Ashland. She looked up the address, so I went there too. Lynn showed me all around the campus. Turns out, they have recently opened an identical campus in Portland! I would love to do their Frame Building class (make your own custom frame--welding and everything!). They are kind of spendy, but you take home a custom frame ready to paint. I would also be interested in the Certified Mechanic class.

After UBI, I found the Ashland Central Bike Path and rode along that for awhile. Then I headed back to Nancy's.

This is my last CouchSurf for this trip. It has been great! Nancy has a wonderful place and fantastic kids! I'm not the only Surfer here--Stan is here (motorcyclist) from Virginia. The house is beautiful, as is the yard. This has been fantastic and I will be sad to leave...but onward I must go!

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