Monday, July 18, 2011

Super Biker Woman's Superheros!

The following is a list of the people that made a significant contribution to the success and/or enjoyment of my ride. Things could have been drastically different if I had not met these great people.

In order of appearance:
Dennis and Julie Richardson--my Warmshowers hosts in Lakeside, CA
Speedy--gave me Gatorade on the hot ride up Mt. Gleason
Sean Poynter--the first touring cyclist I met going my direction. Rode with him from Sequoia National Forest to Three Rivers just outside Sequoia National Park
Duane--my hero who gave Stella and I a ride through the construction in Sequoia National Park.
Uros and the 20 other Slovenians--invited me for dinner and breakfast at Lodgepole Campground
Marjie Hunter--Piedra Postmistress and massager extraordinaire
Suzan and Natalie--my site-mates at Bass Lake
Jessica--gave Stella and I a lift toward Sonora Pass (helped me stay on schedule)
John, Tammy, Aunt Dorothy (from Tenino) and Cody--invited me to dinner then gave me a ride up to the top of Sonora Pass the next morning. Without them and Jessica, I would have been two days behind schedule.
Eric--gave me a ride the last couple of miles up Monitor Pass
Patricia and Stefan from Zurich, Switzerland--gave me water at Cold Creek Campground
Shannon Morrow--my CouchSurf host in Quincy who let me stay at his house even though he wasn't home.
Bruce--invited me to stay at his house on Lake Almanor when I had to detour around Lassen.
Paul Cushing--told me the bridge on Old Siskiyou Hwy was open enough for a bike to get through.
Nancy Nerenberg--my Ashland CouchSurf host. Stayed two fabulous nights with her and her kids.
Mike and the gang at Willow Lake--found a spot for me even though the campground was full.
Pat and Lottie--cousins in Bend who let me stay with them and especially Lottie for showing me around Bend.
Jeannie, Abby and Claire--cousins in Hood River who I stayed with for three nights and had a total blast!
David--from the top of Beacon Rock (goes to River Ridge HS) provided GREAT conversation and really wanted to be on this list!
Caleb (with a "C"), Derrick (Speedy), Yu Hae (probably not spelled correctly) and Marshall (their fearless leader)--also from the top of Beacon Rock.
My Dad--stayed with him on my detour and he always knew where I was.
Julie--really should be first on the list and last on the list as she took me to the airport and then met me in Tenino to ride the last bit home.
And finally...Nolan--the only child of mine who rode out on the trail to meet me and then rode home with me.

Many, many thanks go to all these people. If it weren't for them, my ride would have been much different and, probably, not nearly as great as it was.

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