Friday, July 15, 2011

Last night was likely my last night of camping. Kind of sad, actually. But, flexibility is important in bike touring. Does that mean I'm going to let my dad bring me home in his pickup? No. I will finish this trip on two wheels!

Today I rode from Beacon Rock to Vancouver. The ride over Cape Horn was pretty easy. The shoulder was decent most of the time. I think Hwy 14 might be part of the ACA Lewis and Clark Route. The only tricky part, and I have encountered this before, is when there is road construction and instead of a flagger there is a traffic light. The problem is that the traffic light doesn't know there is a bike coming through. What I do to give myself the longest possible time to get through the section before the light changes, is wait for the beginning of the green light. If I get to the light and it is green I will wait and sit through another cycle until the next green light. Then I pedal like mad! So far, so good!

I stopped at my friend, Kim's house, to visit. I had fun taking pictures of her chickens. Then I rode onto my dad's. My brothers came for dinner. Tomorrow I will ride to Kelso. Unfortunately, I can't seem to locate a place where I could camp. Then again, it's not too surprising. Who would want to go camping in Kelso?

Three more nights (counting tonight) and I will be home!

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