Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Most Unusual Coincidence Yet!

More unusual than finding out that Suzan (Bass Lake) and I have the same favorite number (27). More unusual than meeting Dorothy (Dardenelle) who is from Tenino. Even more unusual than finding Super Cowboy's Lair!

I was almost to the end of today's 75 mile ride from Bend to Whispering Falls campground, (that's not too far from Detroit) when I saw another touring cyclist coming the other direction. I, of course, crossed the road to talk to him. He had pulled off the road, waiting for me. We asked the usual questions (where ya from?, where ya headed?). He mentioned the Coast and I said I had done that last year. THEN...he asks if I was at Ft. Stevens because he remembered a solo woman traveller there last year who was doing the Coast. I said I was, and asked his name. It was Kevin and then I remembered him. He is from Portland. Last year he was just doing a little 3 day loop and was headed back to Portland from Ft. Stevens. What are the chances I would run into someone I saw last year???? I was amazed! It's just so weird!

When we parted he said, "Maybe I'll see you next summer!". I just can't believe it!

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