Saturday, June 4, 2011


A campground with a Hiker/Biker site! Although, there are 6 other people here, I am the only cyclist. The others are all hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. One couple, David and Rachel, are hiking with their 14 month old little girl, Hazel. So, really, there are 7 other people here.

As I suspected, today was a long day of climbing. I'm back up to about 5300 ft. In Idyllwild at San Jacinto State Park. The H/B site cost me $3.00. I did get to go downhill a few times, but it lasted oh so much shorter than the uphills! There wasn't much scenery to look at (well, that was interesting to look at) for most of the day until the last long climb (5 miles) to Idyllwild. Then there were some beautiful views!

I went through the town of Anza and they even had a Dairy Queen. I needed to use the restroom, so I bought a chocolate dipped cone (the restrooms were for customers only--right, like I needed an excuse!).

Once I came down the other side from Anza (a very long climb), the area really reminded me of Leavenworth and the cabin. There was even a lake (Lake Hemet). I saw the sign for the picnic area so I decided to go there a take a break. Little did I know it was a mile from the road! I kept going sown this road thinking I should just turn around. Finally, I came to the picnic area. I was not impressed. Still, I ate a tortilla with peanutbutter and Nutella then rode back to the main road. from there it was another long steep climb to the summit of Keen Camp. As I got to the summit there were two guys standing outside a pickup truck. I said it was about time I got to the top!

This campground also has showers ($1 for 5 mins.). I went into the first shower and got all ready (ie undressed). I put the token in the machine and it came back. I tried several more times before I finally put my skanky bike clothes back on and went to the next shower. That one was fine.

I cooked my dinner while talking to Rachel and Austin (a friend of theirs hiking with them). I suspect it is going to get pretty chilly here tonight. I'll probably use my sleeping bag liner again.

Tomorrow is not such a long day. I here there is a coffee shop in Idyllwild that has computers. Maybe they will have Wi-Fi too.

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