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Nov 19-Making Momos and Hanging With a Toddler

O2 Sat-92%

Today we are staying in Langtang to acclimate, and give some of the group time to feel better. I slept until 6:30 today! I think I am on Nepali time now (sure, I don’t get up at 6:30 at home, but I also don’t go to bed at 8:30 at home). We met for breakfast at 8:30. We just have to eat breakfast and dinner at the hotel we are staying at. It was another sunny day. Even though the temperature was in the 20s, it felt a lot warmer. It’s funny…our rooms are much colder than outside during the day! We are on our own for lunch (meaning we can eat wherever we want). 

We made a plan to eat at the Mountain View Guest House (Sean met the two sisters who run the guesthouse yesterday). It doesn’t really matter where we eat because all of the tea houses have the same menu. There is only so much variety when you consider they get supplies from Kathmandu twice a year. They get things like rice, flour, sugar, etc. They grow the rest. There are no chickens in Langtang, so eggs come via the mules (must be packed very well). 

After breakfast, I went for a walk through the village. 

The buildings are fairly close together. 

Another guest house. The Napali man there spoke very good English. 

These four were sharing a packet of, maybe, ginger sugar. When they finished the packet, the girl just threw it. 

Makaela and I attempted to go out to the building that survived the earthquake. 

Sean and John tried too. 

It was a little tricky. We gave up. It turns out it is owned by a wealthy family who lives in Kathmandu. 

We wandered around a bit more, then came back to the Himalayan Bakery. The four kids were there with John and Sean, coloring with the markers. 

Heather gave them some shells she brought from San Diego. She showed them how to hold them up to their ears to hear the ocean. 

I talked with the dad of the little guy. Gan zee (who knows if that’s how it is spelled) is 2 years old. He was born two months prematurely, and weighed 600 grams. I told the dad that I had a son born two months early. I told him I have four boys. As soon as I said that, he handed me Gan Zee. Well, of course, I was in heaven! 

Such a cutie! He was pretty somber until I started to tickle him. Then he smiled. Eventually, grandma came to fetch him. He had gotten a shell too, and showed his grandma how to put it up to her ear. 

We wandered a bit more…

Door of another guesthouse. 

This horse was up to its withers in the “bog”. 

Walking on these rocks is quite tiring!

Dung drying on the house wall. 

Right next to a brand new house. 

A nice round one!

It was getting close to noon, so we headed to the Mountain View Guesthouse for lunch. The two sisters, Neima and Pemba, asked if we would like to learn how to make momos. Of course we did! 

Wood and dung stove. 

The girls’ mom peeling potatoes. 

Pemba showing us what to do. 

Finished momos. Ours didn’t look nearly as good as theirs. Then, we got to eat them after they were steamed. They were veggie cheese momos. This is one of the heads of cabbage. 


Now I think I will go back to the bakery for some more apple pie, this time, heated. 

Apple pie and Masala tea. 

I came back to the guesthouse. I plugged my phone in to charge, and went back outside (because…warmer). As I was walking around, I saw a wild yak. There are wild yaks because the yak herders were killed in the earthquake, and no one wants to take them. I ran back into the room to get my phone, then ran (okay, walked fast) up to get a closer photo (and then I had to stop and catch my breath because…altitude).

Don’t worry, I’m not that close. 

Yak adventure over, I wandered back toward the guest house. At Mountain View Guest House, I could see Neima braiding her mom’s hair. I went over to visit with them. Later, mom went inside, and Pemba joined us. Both girls want to be nurses, so I talked with them about nursing school. 

Neima (19 years old)

Pemba (20 years old)

Eventually it was time to go order dinner. I had the same thing as last night. 

Tomorrow we continue on to the next village. It’s not far and will take just a couple hours. 

O2 Sats tonight: 90% (I went down 2% from this morning)

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