Thursday, December 1, 2022

Nov 21-Slowly Walking, Mama!

O2 Sats-91%

Today was our trek up to Kyangen Ri at 14,250ft. It would be all of .97 miles, but the hardest .97 miles I’ve ever done!

Heading up to the top of that mountain. 

Supposedly a two hour hike…

We started out about 9:20. Our porters came too. Everyone says how they will be going slow. I also say I will be going slow. The difference is…I really will go slow! 

It was pretty steep from the beginning (although it got steeper). I had taken my puffy jacket off before we even started. Yes, it is warm in Nepal at 12,000+ feet…in November! It’s the sun (like I said, in the shade, it is freezing). Not far up, I took my hoody off. I was down to a short sleeve t-shirt. I had gotten advice from the owner of the bakery (go slow, only drink small sips of water), and Pak San (take small steps, rest for 2 minutes). As I was walking slow, BB (he is Mongolian, and that’s not even really his name) caught up to me, and said, “Mama, give me your pack!” I did, and that was helpful. Of course, no one else had a porter carry their pack, but I am always the slowest. As we walked, BB kept saying, “Slowly walking, slowly walking, Mama.” Every few minutes he would say, “Rest, Mama.”  Then he would find me a rock to sit on… “Sit here, Mama!”

That’s the village down below. 

BB with my pack. 

Getting higher!

Neima and BB. 

Still a long way to go. 

The trail was quite loose and dusty. Some of what was going through my oxygen deprived mind was…I have to come down this!

After what seemed like a long time, we made it to the top. 

The lake down below. 

Made it!!!

Gazing at the incredible view (Jeff, Jenny, and Makaela). 

We did some group photos. Then about half the group went up higher, while Jeff, Heather, and I (and BB, Tukman, and Neima) went down (I certainly didn’t need another 500 feet). Jeff walked down on his own. Heather walked down with Neima. Me? I had two porters helping me down! Actually, going down was physically not as hard. I just did “Slowly Walking”. We did go down some yak trails that were easier than the main trail (dirt steps). Didn’t need to take nearly as many breaks. It was really windy, and the dust was flying. Now I’m coughing up dust!

Nearly finished!

Prayer wheels at the bottom. 

After we got back BB took Heather and I over to the Yak Cheese Factory. 

Yak cheese. 

Many wheels of yak cheese. 

Heather and I got a chunk to split. It’s pretty good! We went over to the Dorje Bakery to have some apple pie. We had some cheese with our apple pie. I also had a great hot chocolate. 

So good!

Everyone else had returned. The showers weren’t warm. Heather was warming up in the sun. 

The sun goes down on another day in Nepal (and we all scurry inside to the wood stove). There’s a change in plans in the works. More about that later. 

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