Friday, December 2, 2022

Nov 23-Scattering

O2 Sats-93%

Another member of the group has tested positive for COVID. In all reality, probably everyone has it except me, because everyone seems to be sick with the same symptoms. All I seem to have is the altitude cough. However, that doesn’t stop anyone from doing stuff!

During the night, John’s dog, we call him Copper, sat outside our rooms and barked and barked. We could figure out what he was barking at. We decided it was a snow leopard. 

Copper at John’s feet. 

I opted to not do the high hike today. Since I get out of breath just bending over, I thought it was not a good idea to go up to 16,000+ feet. Makaela, Jenny, and Bhola headed off for the climb. Heather, Sean, John, and I decided to hike to these lakes. Jeff headed up another canyon toward a glacier. 

It took Heather, Sean, John and I a bit of wandering to find the bridge across the river (the lakes are on the other side).

You think it’s easy…just follow the path…but there are many paths (lots of yak trails).

Oh, there’s the bridge!

Langtang River. 

Once across the river, it was sort of easier. We came upon these four horses. 

Well hello!

This one looked pregnant. 

Can I have a ride?

We passed by a few small lakes. 

Okay, this one was more of a pond…

When we came to the largest one, we decided it was a good place to eat lunch. We had sandwiches that the bakery had made (I wasn’t in on the ordering, but Makaela got one for me anyway. Lahkba, the bakery owner, had made some gluten free chapati for Makaela). I ate half, then had the other half when I got back. 

Still not much of a lake by US standards, but maybe so for Nepal. 

Heather found a good seat. 

Later, taking a little nap. 

Sean, John, and I eating our sandwiches. 

We relaxed in the sun for awhile. 

Just relaxin’ in Nepal!

John going for the full-on nap. 

After awhile, I’d had enough of laying in the sun. I told Heather I would start back, slowly walking (like I do anything but). Somehow, I managed to find the trail we had been on, and made my way back to the bridge. After crossing the bridge, I took the trail we should have taken. It was pretty obvious. Not necessarily easy, but easy to follow. I took my time slowly walking. 

Just starting to see Kyangen. 

The hike was somewhere around 5000+ meters (roughly 3 miles). When I got back, I went up to the monestery. 

Kyangen down below. 

The longer we are here, the more locals we get to know. We are actually flying Neima, Lahkba’s wife, to Kathmandu with us on Saturday so she can go to an eye appointment. 

There is a woman who is deaf/mute. I put a photo of her in the Nov 20th post. Tonight, I asked one of the gentlemen what the relationship is between Madam (the woman who runs the kitchen) and the deaf/mute woman. Pal-mo (I think that is how to say her name) is the younger sister to Madam (though she looks way older). The gentleman is one of the older brothers. There were 7 siblings, 4 girls, 3 boys. The oldest brother has passed away. Pal-mo seems to like to sit amongst us, her eyes watching everything. She wanted to see Makaela’s phone. 

I really enjoy watching her. She has the biggest smile! Her older sister takes good care of her. 

Tomorrow we are going to where Jeff went today. His photos are amazing. I still seem to be the only one who is not sick. Now, this evening, another has tested positive…it seems only a matter of time…

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