Monday, December 5, 2022

Nov 29-Dialing in the Long Layover

We made it back to Doha (Hamad International Airport), Qatar. This time we had an almost 14 hour overnight layover. But, I came prepared!

When we got off the plane, I pretty much went straight to the Quiet Room (women’s). I had packed my Z-rest pad, two yak wool blankets, my two pillows, and felted wool slippers in my backpack. My plan was to sleep. It was nearly midnight Kathmandu time. 

Neither Heather nor Makaela were ready to sleep yet. I, on the other hand, was quite tired (remember, we had been up early to go to Durbar Square). I prepared my “bed” on the floor between the wall and behind the row of lounges (while there are plenty of lounge chairs, a lot of people sleep on the floor. I layed out my Z-Rest, and covered it with both of my blankets, inflated my pillow, and stuck it in the sleeve of my down pillow. 

Makaela took this of me. 

I took off the calf compression sleeves, took my melatonin, magnesium, and probiotics. I pulled my buff over my eyes, and layed down to sleep. You wouldn’t think it would be easy to sleep with bright lights, and periodic announcements for flights, but I fell asleep pretty quickly. I did have to get up to pee (fortunately a restroom just across the terminal hallway) every couple hours (I always diurese after flying…that, and I had to chug my electrolytes to go through security), but I managed to go right back to sleep. At some point Makaela came in, but I don’t think she slept much. 

I finally got up a little after 5:00. Packed up my bed, did some yoga, and set out to find some breakfast. Makaela told me about a vegan place she had found in the C concourse. Our flight to Seattle leaves from Gate C5. Perfect! The place is called Evergreen Organics (somehow seems appropriate). I had a chocolate oat smoothie and possibly the best avocado toast I’ve ever had (Whole grain bread, olive oil, mashed avo, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cashew cheese, and lemon vinaigrette).

We all met up at the gate. Funny thing, they checked out boarding passes and passports no less than 5 times between the gate and…well…the gate! Even though we were past security, we had to put our things through the X-ray again at the gate. Heather got detained the longest. She had a small knife that she forgot was in there. It caused quite a issue because that meant she had gotten through security at Kathmandu with it. They kept asking her where she had come from. Finally, they confiscated it and let her join us in the enclosed seating area. 

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