Thursday, December 1, 2022

Nov 20-So Much!!!

O2 Sats-95%!

Today we left Langtang heading to Kyangen Gumba. Basically, it is the last village. From there we will do day hikes for a couple of days to higher elevations. 

Today’s hike was not long, but up to 12,700 feet. Every once in awhile, I would feel a little lightheaded. Then I would just walk slower. Here’s some photos. 

Always walk to the left of the prayer walls. 

Today is the election. We saw so many people walking to vote. 

Nepali grandma with 8 month old. 

Three year old trying my sunglasses. 

The sweet 8 month old that I got to hold. 

Photo by Heather. 

The family and me! (Photo by Heather)

This guy carried this wood all the way to Kyangen. Bhola said it was probably 80kg. 

“Me Very Happy Espresso Bar”

Wind blowing snow off the top of the peak. 

Heading up the valley. 

Yaks. It’s important to watch the yaks. They can be a bit cantankerous. 

Moving on. 

We came to the Hard Rock Cafe (yep, there’s one in Nepal)!

This was the craft shop (today, they were at every stop). 

Because it was the Hard Rock Cafe, we had to have a dance party (I have a video). Even Bhola was dancing!

Sean got into it with a bit of twerking. 

Biiiigggg yak!

Another biiiigggg yak!

Langtang River, mountains, and trail. 

Oh, and me too!

Prayer wheels turning by water. 

Stupa on the way to Kyangen. 

Waterline…goes to a hydro plant. 

The Kadoori Bridge (well, it was donated by the Kadoori Agricultural).


Kyangen Gumba

Surrounded by the mountains. They go up over 25,000 feet. 

Yak cheese factory!

Yala Peak Guesthouse…our home for the next few days. 

Me and Makaela’s room (en-suite with hot water shower…sometimes).

To the left is our room. 

All of us!

After getting settled in our rooms, Jeff, Heather, Jenny, and I went in search of food. We checked out the bakeries first, but decided we wanted real food first. 

Just a couple of mules standing around on our way to find food. 

We found some food. I had veg/egg fried rice. It was good (we say this everyday). 

When we returned, I took a warm shower. I wanted to wash my hair while the sun was still out so I wouldn’t freeze. Even though the temps are not high, in the sun, it is very comfortable. As soon as the sun goes down…brrrr!

Heather, Jenny, and I headed to the bakery. It was the first one we had checked out. 

The baker came and told us the origin story of his bakery. It was the first building in Kyangen in 1965, but it wasn’t a bakery then. Dorje was the baker’s father. It was Dorje’s dream to have a place independent of a guesthouse. It is the only stand alone business in the village. He wanted to have a place where the trekkers could gather and share stories. He became a baker over the last 18 years. His father had passed away before the business started. We told the baker his father would be proud of what he has done to make his dream come true. 

Frangipani tart. It was delicious. 

We signed the guestbook. 

Once the sun went down, we headed over to the Yala Peak tea room. There was a mute older woman in the tea house trying to tell us something. We couldn’t figure out what she was trying to tell us. 

Finally, she took Heather and I to, maybe her room (???), and showed us her prayer wheel. Funny thing, it was dark. I had to turn on my headlight to see it. Don’t know if that was what she was trying to tell us, but it seemed to satisfy her. 

Today was a great day! The views, the people, just everything was amazing!

O2 Sats-83% (hoping tomorrow it is better)

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