Friday, December 2, 2022

Nov 24-Part 1-Nepal-lates

O2 Sats 93%

I started out sleeping really good, but then had the issue of waking up gasping for air every time I would fall into a deeper sleep. It’s all related to the altitude. I am looking forward to not gasping for air…

This morning we got a leisurely start with a late breakfast and…Pilates lead by Jenny. I designated myself the photographer. 




Even Bhola got into it. 



Then I took these. 

Mules heading for some Pilates. 

Quintessential Nepal…sort of…dung, mule, and Pilates. 

Mule Pilates 

Can I do Pilates too?

Everyone got a good session. I’m sure the villagers thought they were crazy. 

Part 2 coming up…

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