Friday, December 2, 2022

Nov 24-Part 2-One Final Hike Up!

After everyone finished their Pilates, we packed our packs and headed out on the hike that Jeff did yesterday. This route was not one that many tourists do. It went up the canyon near the village from the monastery. Everyone except John went. 

Crossing a somewhat sketchy bridge. 

Crossing the hydro pipeline. 

It was not an easy hike mostly because I was very short of breath. As usual, I was slower than everyone else. Bhola stayed with me. At one point he said to give him my pack. I didn’t want to, but he insisted. He said, he wants to help because when he’s old, someone will help him! So…I guess I’m old! However, Heather and Jenny are the same age as me, yet they don’t need anyone to carry their packs! Oh well, it was easier. 

We hiked up to where there is a festival. There is also a holy cave. 

Oh, and a few yaks. 

I’m hiding! You can’t see me!

You won’t find fresher yak dung than this!

Oh, you know, just more mountains. 

The building at the end of the trail. 

A bazillion prayer flags. 

Entrance to the cave. It’s called Tharna dhukpu. 

Inside the cave. 

We had snacks, then headed back down. I carried my pack down. I told Bhola if I fell on my back, I’d rather land on my pack than my back. He agreed. 

Back at our room, there was even a bit of warm water left, so I had a shower (once the sun goes down there is no more hot water…solar).

We went to the bakery. This time I had the apple cake. It was pretty good. Tomorrow I will have the pineapple upside down cake. 

Pal mo was at dinner again tonight. She is almost always there. Earlier today we saw her up on the hillside collecting dung for fuel. She carried a full bag down the hill. I gestured to her that we had seen her up on the hill. I said she is very strong. She smiled. I was showing the group the photos from the Pilates session. Then Pal mo wanted to see. She loves looking at photos on everyone’s phones. She’s pretty adept at scrolling. Then we took a selfie together. 

I love her smile!

She was blowing the camera kisses!

I’ve gotten pretty good at communicating with her, but sometimes I just respond until she nods her head yes. She does a form of sign language that, I’m sure they have developed over the years. 

Now it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is our last full day here in Kyangen Gumpa. Jenny, Makaela, and I are going horseback riding up the valley. We’ll see how this works out…

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