Sunday, December 4, 2022

Nov 27-Part 2-The Final Dinner

At first I thought I would just add tonight to the first post for today, but tonight deserves its own post!

We met down in the lobby at 6:15. Bhola had arranged 4 rickshaws to take us to dinner. Oh my…that was wildly entertaining! 

Our driver wheeling us out to the street. 

Photo from Heather. 

Jenny and Heather

John and Sean

Dinner was at the Gokarna House. It was a full course meal starting with soup, then a little appetizer plate, followed by Dahl Bat. I’ve only had Dahl Bat one other time this entire trip. Most of it is too spicy for me. It was the same tonight, but I still had plenty to eat. 

It’s pretty. 

Our group. 

Periodically throughout the night, dancers would perform various regional cultural dances. 

The guy on the right was the best dancer. 

Then a yak comes out (2 people underneath).

It came around to the tables asking for tips. We put money in its mouth. 

Now Jeff’s turn…

At one point, after we were done with dinner, the dancers came out and asked us to join them. Everyone except John, Sean, and I went up. John and I took photos and video. 

Makaela dancing in her boots. 

We all had a great time! We opted to walk back, stopping at the restaurant from last night for dessert (complements of Makaela). 

I call this “Prayer Flag Alley”

John and Jenny changed their flights, and are leaving at 2:00am. They were going to be here an extra two days. Sean also changed his flight and will end up on the same flight as Heather, Jeff, Makaela, and I from Doha. 

We have an early morning tomorrow to get to Durbar Square  as it opens. Stay tuned for that adventure. 

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